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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

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Pup of the Week: Rodeo

Available for Adoption! Rodeo is a 4 month old mix breed with soulful dark eyes. He loves to boop you with his nose - your hand, your knee, your face, whatever he can reach! If you love hiking and outdoor fun, followed by snuggles in front of a cozy fire, Rodeo would be a great companion for you this fall and many years to come.

Purple Leash Project

Led by Purina and RedRover® the The Purple Leash Project aims to bring animals and their owners from crisis to care.

THE ISSUE:  An estimated one in three women and one in four men experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetimes, but the percentage of domestic violence shelters that can take pets is as low as 10%.

Beth advocates for the Purple Leash Project in the Mill Valley community, meeting with local women's shelters and supporting them with resources for survivors and their pets.

Annual Adoption Drive

Every year, Beth partners with the local animal rescue shelter to sponsor dog adoptions. In adeition to helping get the word out, Beth covers 50% of the adoption cost for every pet that finds a new home.

Work With Beth

The perfect blend of warmth and passion, Beth protects her clients above all else. It’s why children of former clients often come knocking on her door. As one happy homeowner raved, “Beth Brody is a dynamite agent!” There’s no one else you want on your team when navigating the ever-competitive real estate market.

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