A Weekend Itinerary for Exploring Mill Valley Off the Beaten Path

Plan an exciting weekend exploring these beautiful lesser-known Mill Valley attractions.


Plan a Weekend Exploring These Beautiful Lesser-known Mill Valley Attractions

Walk the Lesser-Known Trails

Why deal with slow walkers or skilled runners that make you feel inferior on highly-trafficked trails? Consider checking out one of these lesser-known nature trails for a hike instead. Mill Valley has more than 100 heritage steps, lanes, and trails, and many aren’t well-known. Some of the Mount Tamalpais trails are surprisingly secluded, like the Verna Dunshee Loop, Fern Creek, and the Old Rail Road. 

Dad O’Rourke’s Bench

Want to impress your friends with breathtaking photographs from an unusual scenic lookout? Dad O’Rourke’s Bench is a secret granite monument commemorating one man’s love of nature. Most of us just snap a picture and go, but not Richard Festus “Dad” O’Rourke, who found the “edge of the world” right here in Mill Valley and just had to commemorate it. To visit this unique spot, park at the Rock Springs lot at Mount Tamalpais, cross the road, and walk southwest for about 10-15 minutes.

Nature Friends Tourist Club

Nestled on the side of Mt. Tamalpais, the Nature Friends Tourist Club is the San Francisco chapter house of Nature Friends International, a worldwide organization dedicated to environmentally conscious tourism. So, if you want to feel good about the way you commit to the environment beyond when you remember to recycle occasionally, this might be an excellent way to do that! They organize outdoor excursions and host Alpine cultural events, which means they’ve got great beer.

Headlands Center for the Arts

The coastal wilderness of the Marin headlands is home to this historic cluster of military buildings housing the Headlands Center for the Arts. Headland Center is most well-known for its international artist-in-residence programs, where lots of artists live together to research and exchange ideas. 

Horse Hill Preserve

Channel your inner horse girl by hiking with the majestic horses roaming Horse Hill Preserve. While you can’t get too close to the horses and pet them (so not fulfilling any cowboy fantasies), there is something undeniably peaceful about hiking around horses roaming the gorgeous natural terrain. 

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