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5 Mill Valley Hiking Trails You’ll Definitely Get Lost on

Unbeknownst to many, Mill Valley is something of a hiker's paradise.


Dust Off Those Tennis Shoes, and Let’s Get Moving.

It's time to lose those ten pounds you've been pledging to lose for five years now. Get out there and stretch your legs! Unbeknownst to many, Mill Valley is something of a hiker's paradise. These five trails are a surefire way to get some much-needed fresh air (let's be honest; after this year, we all need it) and finally feel like you're completing a New Year's resolution.

Dipsea Trail

The iconic Dipsea Trail leading from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach was quite literally famous for newcomers desperately flailing to find the exit. Thankfully, officials erected trail markers along the path to prevent people from getting lost, but if getting lost is your goal, you could always ignore them. If you hike the trail there and back, you can boast that you've completed a "Double Dipsea." 

Mount Tamalpais Climb

Mount Tamalpais is one of the most stunning vistas in California. Hiking to the summit via Temelpa Trail will reward you with unparalleled panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. Just do your best not to become yet another mysterious hiker death on old Mt. Tam while you're up there. Then again, maybe you'll get your own episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Muir Woods National Monument 

Muir Woods is a beautiful place to visit with your family—and then abandon them so you can have a single moment of peace on the six miles of trail. Seriously though, the Muir Woods are a thing of awe-inspiring beauty. The towering redwoods offer a sense of respite and a reminder that we are all ants in the grand scheme of our universe. Some trees reach an astounding 250 ft. in height and have to be seen to be believed.

Oakwood Trail

Hiking the Oakwood Trail through the Marin Headlands is best in the early morning so you can avoid the fog, which tends to burn off as the sun rises. Locals like to keep the trail a secret since it gets traffic-heavy later in the day and has a glorious view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The secret's out now.

Dawn Falls Trail

The Dawn Falls Trail winds beneath a canopy of redwoods and is lovely for a rainy day, especially if you want to see the waterfall. Dawn Falls winds down into the Baltimore Canyon and is especially perfect for those "one with nature" types.

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