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5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Mill Valley Home for Your Family

What you need to know before you make a buying decision.

Moving to Mill Valley is an exciting opportunity for any family. Whether you are just starting to plan for the family you want or already have a house full of children, pets, and love, Mill Valley, CA, real estate has a home that will fit your needs.
The hard part, however, is finding that home, and the larger your family, the more difficult it may be to find the perfect place that checks all your boxes. That is not to say it is easy if you are just starting, either. If you want to know how to make the whole process easier, read on.

1. Determine what your family needs in a home

Before choosing a home for your family, determine what you need from the house. Look at room sizes, the total number of rooms, and spaces for play and entertainment. Especially if you have a large household, having ample family spaces such as a second living room, den, or finished basement can significantly improve your quality of life.
Also consider future space needs. Just because siblings are happy to share a room now does not mean they will not need their own spaces as they grow. Do you need a craft room, hobby space, or shop area? Do you want an office or other secluded workplace or simply relax and read? The better you account for your future needs, the happier you will be in your home.

2. Know the benefits of living in Mill Valley

The Bay Area has more promising residential neighborhoods than you can shake a stick at. Beth could be selling homes anywhere from Oakland to the Sunset District — so why Mill Valley?
For starters, it’s the only place in Marin County where you can reach the mountains or the beach in 20 minutes (and without having to get on the highway). Its convenience extends to reasonable commutes for those who work in the city (there is more than one way into Mill Valley). And if someone doubts your San Francisco credentials, tell them Mill Valley is fewer than eight miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, visible from some nearby vantage points.
Mill Valley’s history dates back to its development as a summer resort in the late-19th century. You can still find Victorian homes dating back to this period; among the more recently built options, you can find charming bungalows and townhouses. Local zoning laws prohibit teardowns and new construction, limiting local inventory.
The Mill Valley lifestyle and its vibrant community revolve around a Main Street district with unique shops, art galleries, and restaurants. When you want to escape into nature, there are plenty of opportunities to hike the surrounding forests and beachfront.

3. Get to know the local schools

Schools are one of the most important considerations for any home purchase. Even those without children can recognize the value a sound school system adds to a home. However, when looking at schools for your needs, there is more to consider than just the average test scores and reputation of the local school system.
If you have or plan to have younger children, you will want to consider factors such as commute time, especially if you drop your children off on the way to work. You will also want to plan for the future. Do not just look at the schools your children will attend in the next year or two but also those they will attend several years later. You can also reach out to the local schools and ask to take a tour or even just come in and meet with the administration. Sitting down face-to-face with school staff can be a great way to get a feel for their priorities and values.

4. Find a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle

When choosing a home, look for a neighborhood that will fit your family's lifestyle. Green spaces, nearby restaurants, and even access to groceries and shopping can all affect your ultimate choice. By looking at yards and homes, you can quickly get a feel for whether the families that live here now have things in common with your own.
Beyond that, when considering things such as walkability, look further than just how many sidewalks there are. Visit the neighborhood on a sunny afternoon and see how many people are using the sidewalks and green spaces. This will give you a feel for whether amenities are as appealing as they first appear.

5. Work with an agent who knows Mill Valley

The most important tip for anyone considering homes for sale in Mill Valley, CA, is to find a real estate agent who knows the local market. An experienced agent like Beth Brody will ease the stress with a professional and helpful hand. Born and raised in Mill Valley, Beth has sold over 500 homes all over Marin and Sonoma County — and she maintains Mill Valley is the best town around. By Beth’s estimate, there are 19 constituent neighborhoods in Mill Valley: more than enough to find your ideal community.
Among the many advantages of working with Beth, one underrated aspect is the Compass Bridge Loan (so named because it spans the gap between the house you have and the home you want). With the Compass network of resources, you can access competitive rates from industry lenders while receiving first-class support from Beth and her team. You can get six months of loan payments fronted through this program.
With the knowledge from years of helping families like yours find their dream Mill Valley, CA, real estate, Beth can take over the heavy lifting and let you focus on what matters: your family. Reach Beth anytime and take control of your home search.

*Header photo courtesy of Pexels

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